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Houses are amazing not only because they are the place where we live but also because they can be designed in many different ways. We can find a house model for almost every kind of preference that we think of.
The roundhouse is a type of house with a circular plan, originally built in western Europe before the Roman occupation using walls made either of stone or of wooden posts joined by wattle-and-daub panels and a conical thatched roof. Roundhouses ranged in size from less than 5m in diameter to over 15m. In the later part of the 20th Century modern new designs of roundhouse eco-buildings started to be built using techniques such as cob, Cordwood or straw bale walls and reciprocal frame green roofs.
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A black house is a traditional type of house which used to be common in Highlands of Scotland, the Hebrides, and Ireland. The buildings were generally built with double wall dry-stone walls packed with earth and wooden rafters covered with a thatch of turf with cereal straw or reed. The floor was generally flagstones or packed earth and there was a central hearth for the fire. There was no chimney for the smoke to escape though. Instead the smoke made its way through the roof. The black house was used to accommodate livestock as well as people. People lived at one end and the animals lived at the other with a partition between them.unusual houses 4 Unusual houses
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Teito is the Asturian and Galician name for a type of stone dwelling with a thatched straw or broom roof, found in western Asturias, especially in the Somiedo and Oscos area, and also in Galicia
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