Seaside cottages

Since I'm away at the beach, I figured it was a good time to show some seaside cottages. Not the Newport variety, but actual cottages. The book 'Cottages by the Sea' by Linda Leigh Paul features a number of amazing cottages in Carmel, California. I had 2 favorites that I want to share with you.
The house seen at the top images of the post is called 'Hansel' -aptly named, don't you think? The street side is a quiet, almost fairy-tale cottage. The handmade quality of the finishes just adds to the charm. The designer, Hugh Comstock, designed the place in a folk tudor style to showcase his wive's 'Otsy-Totsy' dolls in 1924 to show to potential buyers as they had overflowed their own home. The interior is small at 300 SF but adorable. Efficient little beach cottage perfect for 1 or 2! I love the soaring ceiling. Thats a guest loft up the ladder from the living room.
Less of a cottage than a small house, the second project is more my speed to actually live in. I love this house!
The Hasenyager House was built in 1931 by MJ Murphy in a French Tudor style and was restored in 1987.The house, typical of the time period, features forest-green painted steel windows. You know I love those! I especially love this large rounded bay window in the living room seen above and below.
The garden is divided into 'rooms' and features a treasure trove of plants - roses, lupine, forget-me-nots, wisteria, iris, rhododendrons, lilacs, lavendar and rare trees. A perfect cottage garden!
The interiors are still cozy but not as tiny as the hansel house. I love the wood floors and beams.
The kitchen is obviously from the 1987 remodel but I don't mind it -the white cabinets and appliances are very beachy and I love the addition of the beautiful rugs and blue cabinet.
This is a book that is definitely worth checking out!