Textile Museum

Located above the Museu de Arts Decoratives in the Palau Reial de Padralbes is the Barcelona Textile Museum.
Not where you would probably expect me to be spending time, but honestly, we had some time to kill! What a pleasant surprise I had in store.
The amazing collection traces the evolution of fashion: providing interesting 'how tos' such as how the 'new look' bust was created, seen above, and contrasting elements of different styles.
The patterns of these victorian skirts below were contrasted to a much later 20th century version.
And just how are those hoop skirts held high? Well, here's how! Seeing the clothing in person and relatively close up was much better than reading about them in a book or magazine.The workmanship and details on some of the pieces were amazing, especially loved this flapper look. Notice the white suit in the background, so Gatsby'esque!
Examples such as these mid 19th century Empire styled dresses were in such immaculate condition with such vivid colors you would have thought they were just sewn yesterday.Seeing this fairly recent dress compared with an Edwardian train was another example of a great pairing.And just how are those bustles kept up (throughout different periods)?The layout of this exhibit really is impeccable. I always say the right presentation can make the most mundane exhibit interesting (I recently saw a fascinating exhibit on parking garages at the NBM. Come on, I mean...they made parking structures interesting!).These bodices were in such beautiful colors.More amazing beading work.This is a whole lot of look, but in the right situation, pretty fabulous!Spain's own Balenciaga is of course represented. I loved all of his clothing they showed. Some more bizarre pairings showing yet again how things never change; they just come in and out of fashion, nothing is ever 'new'. These body conscious dresses below come from all different styles and time periods.Not everything is so beautiful, will these ever be back in style? That red men's polyester number really made my skin itch!Make sure to stop by this amazing museum, right on the metro line. You can't beat 3 museums in 1: Textile, Ceramics and decorative arts.